A bit about Neil Hingorani

In real life Neil is a Chartered Surveyor who has made use of the close season to turn a great bit of pub banter into print.

Born in Blackburn, bred in Glasgow and raised in Burton on Trent, with parents form Ireland and India, Neil is not sure what nationality he is. What he is sure about is that there's a formula for everything in life, and a book which started life as a formula for getting a job was thankfully put to a far more important use.

Neil's life is based on fun. If he can't have a laugh then he's not interested, which is just as well because he is a lifelong Derby County supporter. Neil's finest moment was at the Baseball Ground when Derby beat the mighty Real Madrid 4-1(back in 1975). He will tell you the story if you let him. He is also a follower of his local team Burton Albion who, you may recall, drew an FA Cup Match against Manchester United not so long ago.

Neil, 44, is married to Sophie and they have two children. Neil's favourite saying is 'if Sophie's happy we're all happy'.

The cartoons were created by Rob Jackson. When Neil was looking for a cartoonist he happended to mention it to Kate, the children's nanny. Kate explained that her brother Rob was an artist and Neil rolled his eyes insisting to Kate that he needed someone who could draw cartoons. Well Rob turned up one morning for a meeting, late, and  Neil found out that this guy could draw, I mean really draw. And that was how the book was finally completed.