Read what people say about the book

From Guy J – Hi Neil, it brought a smile to my face, especially remembering the Brum days! Well pitched, clear, concise & a healthy dose of humour ie just what a bloke needs – 20th July 2010

From Anna T – I thought it was brilliant - April 2010

From Anna T – My authors husband read your book in one sitting last night and thought it was great. No probs with selling, he reckons its marketing which is the issue which we all know – 3rd May 2010

From Anna’s mate – Portsmouth Steve - Read the book! Amazing! Well done Neil!! – 25th April 2010

From Anna’s mate – Patrick - … In France, just read the book cracked up brilliant! -25th April 2010

From Anita B – Just read your book. It’s brilliant! Well done to both of you. – 4th March 2010

From Stuart S – Finished the book and thought it was brilliant, tell me that Big Stu in  the last line is me. Cheque is in the post. Need to start getting myself some games now – 14th February 2010

From Kel R - …Absolutely loved it. The football analogy works perfectly here. Brilliant set up with The Venue, Kit, Attendance and Post Match comments. The matches are all great and (obviously deliberately) varied. I enjoyed the book more and more as I read it, actually laughing out loud on occasion-very rare for me.

From Nick M …enjoyed the book

From Alison P ….I really enjoyed reading the book

From Stephen P …brilliant

From Andrew M… Just read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t read many books but this book at just over 80 pages was easy…amusing illustrations, wonderful analogies, thought provoking and some great simple advice.