The team to play your perfect match

Take a look at some of your players... each one is a dating skill. Your Goalie is now Responsibility!

Responsibility Appearance Smile


Nowadays, every accident is someone else’s fault. This has got to change!

Responsibility means taking control of the fact that you are looking for a woman... Incredibly enough, in order to have a relationship with a woman, you need to have met her.


Do something about it!

Create match situations!





You don't have to look like David Ginola or Fernando Torres.

Just follow some simple rules...

Hygiene – A can of pit spray and a packet of Orbit is a good start.

Haircut – Costs less than a tenner- you might have enough left for a pint. 

Clothes Don't ask your mum's advice...

                  ...she is the reason that you are currently dressed like this.


Remember, a first apperance lasts ten seconds...

if Appearance slips up you'll start your match two nil down.


SMILE - Left Centre Midfield

  • Smile - vastly underrated member of the First Eleven.

  • Smile  - breaks down opposition defences. 

  • Smile - improves your looks IMMEDIATELY!